Great Heisty Fantasy!

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First off, the cover and illustrations in this book are gorgeous! I don't think anyone can say that is not an amazing YA fantasy cover. I was a little bit unsure going into this one as I'm not a huge fan of fantasy retellings, but this one may have changed my mind a little. I enjoyed the writing and the emotional tension as well as the characters. Gotta love a competent thief with snark! And of course, I loved Ragne, she brought so much humor to the story and her "fish out of water" attitude was hilarious. I liked the other side characters and the gods as well. My only gripe is wanting more depth from some characters. I will definitely continue on with this series to see what happens to everyone and to enjoy more of this world. I hope the next book will have more romance and we get to see how the relationships progress and maybe travelling so we can see more of the world.