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Margaret Owen really does a great job building a believable world in this book. The characters are all very well-developed and it is inspiring to see them grow throughout the book. I really enjoyed how the author played with the idea of lesser Gods and the magic system was easy to understand. Plenty of twists and unexpected turns to keep you interested! I had expected this to be a standalone, and while it definitely can still be one, I am rather happy that the author is going to do another book! The romance between the main character and her love interest was very believable, which is awesome because I can't stand the whole insta-love trope! 🙈 I feel like usually with standalone books the author struggles to hit a home run in world-building, Magic system, and characters and they are usually forced to let one of those things suffer. I did not feel this was the case with Little Thieves at all! It was a good mix of both a character-driven and plot-driven novel! I'm excited to see where the next book takes us!