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Oh my, my, my what an enthralling story! Little Thieves is a retelling of a German fairy tale called The Goose Girl, which I had not heard of before. This was such a unique story that I am still speechless. The thief, literally turning into jewels. Devoured by her own greed. But, as we learn, it is not always that simple. Greed for some may be a necessity for others. A way of survival. I loved Vanja and her determination to fight for the life she deserves. Ragne was an unexpected and delightful surprise of a character! Her honesty and naïveté were very endearing. I was so glad the story featured strong female characters supporting and lifting each other up. Found family is one of my favorite tropes and this book showcases it so well. The romance is really cute and of the enemies to lovers sort, which I adore. The world-building and mythos introduced are very captivating and made me want to linger long after finishing the book.

Also, the sequel, Painted Devils, was announced recently with a plot that sounds like a wild and wonderful ride and I cannot wait! There is so much more mythology to explore in this enchanting world that Ms. Owen has created.