Captivating wintery tale!

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I’m a fan of the author, and a huge lover of the Goose Girl fairytale, so I was very excited to read the first look at Little Thieves. The prologue is an exciting and intriguing start, I love the haunting and cold start, and the introduction of Death and Fortune had me hooked! I think Owen’s prose is gorgeous, and this promises to be an atmospheric, magical read. I love Vanja’s voice already, and I enjoyed the darker side and twists this story is putting on the goose girl fairytale. Though I’m not entirely sure I got the firmest grasp on what the larger story would be, paired with my knowledge of the goose girl story I think the initial premise of the plot seems exciting and promises some entertaining and dramatic action. I’m excited to see where this will go, and am looking forward to read more scenes with Vanja, Death, and Fortune — because they all seem like unique and compelling characters!