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It reminded me a lot of “Beasts and Beauty” by Soman Chainani and also a bit of Marissa Meyer’s “Lunar Chronicles”. Maybe this is because I found the writing style very similar, and also the stories. I would get constantly reminded of old fork stories, and magic vibes.
This book is wonderful, no wonder why it got so much hype everywhere, and it is well deserved. To my opinion it is a perfect book to read if you are in the need of more magic in your “To be read” pile of books.
Everything was so dreamy and fantastical, from the characters to the setting and I just have to admit that it was simply a delight.
Another reason of why I loved this book is because the writing style reminded me of authors that I already love, and this connection might be the reason of by I was so hooked with this story since the beginning.
Of course the only thing that wasn’t a catch is that in some parts it was just slow, but nothing that was bad enough to become an actual problem.