Amazing Introduction

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I loved that the author introduced Death and Fortune right away. I almost felt that little introduction was too short. Vanja so far seems smart and sarcastic which I adore. With her playing a part in the very beginning it makes me curious on what her personal fully is as so far the only introduction to "Vanja" is the short introduction with Death and Fortune. We move forward with her playing the part of a false princess which was very entertaining. The best way to end this short/chapter was when the author ended with the line "and this is the story of how I got caught." While everything I read before was interesting and entertaining, I will say that last line got me hooked. The cover is also stunning and what drew me in at first. Plus, I love other works by this author so I am extra excited to read the rest of this book when available to me. Just based off of this short alone, I would recommend this read.