A pleasant surprise!

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This one was a pleasant surprise. I loved the complexity of the unraveling gambits and the little snatches of a story within a story (it reminds me a bit of The Last Namsara that way). Vanya was a richly complicated character whose decisions come first and foremost from a place of desperate survivalism - you know, please secure your own oxygen mask before helping anyone else. But to the extreme.

Also - yay canonically queer side characters and aspec-coded MC and love interest (I think they're both demi, but I can't be certain)

I will say that I think there were sections that dragged, particularly in the middle. And I had a hard time buying that all of the events of the book took place in two weeks (these two things are slightly antithetical, I know)

Will I read book two when it comes out? Absolutely. Will it be a high priority? Eh, the jury's out on that one.