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Umm, this book was amazing. This is actually my first book by the author and I really enjoyed it. This is a retelling of The Goose Girl, which I've never actually read, but I need to after reading this book.

Our main character Vanja was such an interesting one, I would say that she is a morally grey character in a way because most of the time she is just looking out for herself. And it's understandable because most of her life she was been mistreated and unwanted. So she does what she needs to do in order to escape her life, and it made her into a thief. I honestly loved how flawed she was as a character and how strong she is until the breaking point can't be helped, and even then it was done in an excellent way.

The writing is here was well done and I felt like this was an original and fresh idea. Overall, this book has become one of my favorites, and cannot wait for more from this author.