A fantastic, layered retelling.

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I'll admit, I'm not very familiar with the Goose Girl story in general. As in, I haven't read too many retellings, though I get the gist of the story.

That being said, I found this to be a fantastically layered retelling. The book is broken into numerous acts, disrupting the typical 3-act structure that is commonplace in books. Within each act, we're given a snippet of our main character's (Vanya's) story that gives us greater context into her thoughts and actions. I found this to be a really compelling way to tell the story, and let the plot unfold.

I thought the plot was really interesting and increasingly complex. Just when you thought you had figured things out, there was another curveball. And as the book progresses, some of the underlying threads get more and more ominous, adding to the dark atmosphere of the story.

I loved the characters dearly, including the vibrant cast of side characters. Even if they made some questionable decisions, I'll give them a pass because, you know, trauma.

I cannot wait for the next book!