Loving this retelling

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The cover of this book is one that would make me grab hold of it. The deep colors, faceless silhouettes, and mystical skull masked goddess in the background a picture of everything I would want in a story. Even the plaque like placement and font of the title drawing my eye even more.

I am a sucker for a good retelling. An even bigger sucker if you mention anything Grimm fairytale. So this book is exactly everything I would pick up just on synopsis and description alone.

The prologue brings with it the dark tales that are everything Grimm because we all know Disney changed it all.

We jump into chapter one heading to party all to find out the beginning is truly the ending and it made me love this one even more.

The storytelling is like sitting around a campfire listening to urban legend. Warning us all of what could be our fate if we were to follow these foot falls. I can almost see the authors eyes darting from one enraptured reader to the next as they tell a story dripping with intrigue and dark paths.

I cant wait to read the rest of this book!! This is not only one I want to have in my hands but one I know I need to have in my life!