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This was an interesting book. I was eager to know how the story ended- was Lauren really having a psychotic episode, or were her visions real? I am a little disappointed on how it ended up- sort of wish it was either left more for the reader’s interpretation or that it was all in her mind. However, I went into this novel knowing it had fantasy elements, so I guess I can’t complain about that. This was a super quick read, Golding knows how to keep a reader hooked. The atmosphere was claustrophobic and Lauren’s feeling of dread and aloneness came across well. I felt that Golding could have given her readers a little more credit - a few times throughout the book I found that parts were over explained. For example, we see into Lauren’s thoughts as she is convincing herself how poor her husband is at being a dad/partner. The reader already can figure this out and does not need it explained detail by detail in Lauren’s thoughts. I also thought that the romance element between the detective and the reporter could have been cut out, those parts kind of broke the pace off for me. However, overall, this was an intriguing read and a unique story. I would recommend to anyone who wants to read a thriller that is different than the ones coming out lately.