Interesting, Thrilling Twin Changeling Tale

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Twins run in my family. I also have about zero desire to give birth to one, let alone two, babies at the same time. Motherhood is terrifying. The exhaustion, always being dirty, always having something crying at you. No thanks. And then if you have a guy who doesn't help? There's no hope. These are the feelings I went into Little Darlings with. These are all things that the main character, Lauren, is thrown into. Plus some.

When Lauren gives birth to twins and has a late night, very unwelcome visitor at the hospital, she begins what would become a prolonged spiral. Convinced her children are not her own and desperate to switch them back, Lauren goes to extreme and alarming measures. Is she just exhausted or is something sinister happening? In true thriller fashion, no one believes Lauren. All of the other characters are extremely unhelpful and kind of condescending. I really felt for her, especially since she was living the accumulation of all my nightmares. Definitely recommend (but not to a new or soon to be parent).