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This book is a psychological mystery with an eerie undertone. It has a lot of similarities to Grimm's Fairy Tales with a hint of Tales From The Darkside sprinkled in, there were times I felt sort of creeped out but my curiosity kept me reading. The story is about a new mother of twin boys, Lauren. Exhausted by the delivery and overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood, Lauren is convinced that an old, creepy woman is trying to steal her twins. She felt safer once her and the twins are settled at home with her husband. After catching glimpses of the older woman across the street from her house, she becomes a recluse not wanting to leave the house or allow anyone to come and visit. When she finally agreed to meet other new mothers and their babies in the park, she lets her guard down and she dozed off. When she wakes up, the twins are gone. The police find the boys but Lauren is convinced that the old woman had taken her boys and she was convinced that even though the babies looked like her twins, they were different. Lauren is eventually hospitalized and she knows in order to reclaim her real sons, she has to get released. Lauren follows a precarious path to retrieve her real sons from the old woman. This book has supernatural, eerie tales from folklore and even if you don't necessarily agree or believe superstitions or folklore, I found that I couldn't stop reading until I reached the end. I received an ARC from Netgalley, Melanie Golding and Crooked Lane Books for a review. Reviews will be posted on Netgalley, Goodreads, Bookish First, First to read and Amazon. Thank-you for the chance to read this book