I Just Don't Know

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The story is from the perspective of a mother of twins who is struggling to determine what motherly love feels like. She seems to be more interested in if the names given to the babies by her and her husband are in fact the appropriate names her children should have and living through a sleep deprived, milk-cow style life. The story takes a while to develop that there is in fact some sort of paranormal contact and/or situation between this demonic incarnation of a woman of twins and the main character, Lauren. There is a deal created by the spirit which consists of trading one baby for another. Lauren, finds some of this motherly love she was searching for and does what she can to protect her children.
The beginning of the story starts off exciting, in the present, with a mother type person appearing to be in a position to drown her babies in a body of water where the police are involved to try and stop her. Then it shifts to approximately a month earlier where Lauren is having birth. The next several dozen pages describe Lauren's issues with being a mother, sleep, and breast feeding. To say the story loses a bit of it's punch is an understatement.