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Little Darlings is a look into folklore and insanity using twin babies as it's crux.
Lauren has a tough birth with her twin boys. Exhausted and in pain, she tries her best to love her children and give them what they need. That night as she lay in the maternity ward, an old woman appears before here threatening to take her sons and replacing them with her own. When Laura reports the incident everyone thinks she crazy. She hopes when she gets home that things will get better, but she has a tough road ahead. Have the faeries really changed your children or is she losing her mind?
I really enjoyed this concept. I am huge on Faerie folklore and loved to see how this weaved into the story. I especially enjoyed the excerpts from writers about the folklore of changelings. This was a great plot device and I turned pages to find out if her children would be taken.
Unfortunately, about halfway through, the book slogs. The relationships outside the core couple drag the book down and one isn't really truly handled and someone walks away without consequences. The tension is also sporadic, spending too much time on the investigation than on these children which are the creepiest part of the story.
Little Darling is unique and captivating but isn't as creepy as you would think it would be.