Fairy Tale Mystery

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I loved the book LIttle Darlings by Golding. It was a fantastical mystery with all the good stuff that comes from reading Fairy tales. I really felt for all of the characters - and was shocked when the story didn't really have a fairy tale ending - it was all just a mental issue with the main character Lauren - OR WAS IT?? i lean towards the ghost story ending.

the writing was easy - jumping between the mother and the investigating detective. I also loved the small inclusion of the drowned town - add just that extra bit of fantasy. i loved the cold case, the reporter, the criminal IT guy = all the characters added substance to the story and didn't take anything away from it at all - or distract you from the events.

i cannot wait to read more books by Golding - already have the next one out of the library. highly recommend reading Little Darlings !!!!!