Creepy, Quick Magical Realism Read

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I enjoyed this. It was a super quick read. Kinda creepy - Kinda magical realism. Lots of questionable characters. Solid read and enjoyable, just not the most amazing thing I’ve ever read.

Lauren has two new born twins, and she just knows that something happened to them after they were stolen from her in a park just after they were born. The problem is that nobody sees anything except Lauren.

This definitely has the creepy, classic fairy tale vibes... not your recent Disney story ending. The author makes you feel like either you are going crazy, or Lauren is crazy, or there really is something going on with something other worldly.

I don't know that I would necessarily classify this as a thriller, but I would definitely classify it as a dark psychological paranormal fiction. It hits a lot of different buckets. I felt thoroughly creeped out, but not on the edge of my seat "thrilled."