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Creepy! I love it!

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This book was a quick, creepy and easy read. This is a psychological thriller with dark folklore tied in. Lauren Tranter is the main protagonist who has newborn twin boys, Morgan and Riley. During her stay at the maternity ward she meets a scary woman with her own set of newborn twins. Lauren believes this woman is trying to steal her babies and swap them for her own. Everyone, including her husband, dismisses her case as her just being a tired new mother going through a mental health episode. The author keeps you and the detective on her case guessing if Lauren is telling the truth or if she really is insane.

This book is creepy and will keep you questioning the main protagonist’s sanity. But most of all this book is important! This story touches on postpartum depression and anxiety, and Melanie Golding describes those feelings to a T. As someone who has personally recently struggled with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety I felt like the author had literally crawled into my mind and wrote down my feelings and emotions. This is something I am not proud of, but reading this book and how exact it described me made me feel like I was not alone and that others must be experiencing the same feelings. That terrible flood of guilt for everything.

“She was still waiting for the rush of love. That one you feel, all at once the second they’re born, like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. The rush of love that people with children always go on about. She’d been looking forward to it. It worried her that she hadn’t felt it yet.”

I like how she did not glorify new motherhood, she showed exactly how hard it is, even the events of the birth felt real. This book needs to be noticed and the subject of this book needs to be talked about. I will say that this book could cause a trigger for those still struggling.

Overall, this book had me on the edge of my seat, I could not guess what would happen next! I was disappointed with the ending though, that is why I only rated it 4 stars. I feel like the ending was rushed and too quickly wrapped up. The most thrilling part happened so fast with not much explanation or detail. But I will still recommend and encourage others to read it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.