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Best kind of creepy

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This dark and amazingly disturbing story is seriously creeptastic from start to finish. Ominous doesn't even being to describe the premise of the story, and having twins in my family bumped up the sinister factor even more!

Lauren is so, so tired. The birth of her twins was traumatic and exhausting and her husband has not been much help getting the rest she needs. But she knows what she saw that night in the hospital. She knows the haunting figure that visited her and tried to steal her babies was real. But no one believes her. Not her husband, or the police, or her doctors - they all think she's just really, really tired.

And then they really do disappear. And Lauren knows what she must do. She must do the most unimaginable thing to bring her babies back. But if she is wrong, she risks everything- including their lives.

It's like your worst nightmare of a dark dreadful fairy tale come true. I felt so uneasy and unnerved reading this story and loved every single minute of it. The best kind of thriller makes you feel unsettled the entire time - and this book was eerie in the best kind of way.