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5 eerily-insane-folktale stars!

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5 eerily-insane-folktale stars!

Lauren Tranter is a new mother. And as a mother, I can testify that nothing can make you crazier than becoming a new mother (ha-ha)! Lauren's Mama Bear instincts are heightened by a woman attempting to steal her babies in the hospital. After she brings them home, the babies go missing from the park one day (terrifying!) but are shortly after recovered. Everyone is overjoyed, but Lauren knows what they do not - these are not her babies! The woman promised she would trade Lauren's babies for her own changelings, but with no one to believe her (she has been under so much stress after all), how will she get her babies back?

This book was AMAZING! I loved every second of it - it was 100% EXACTLY my cup of tea! Is it magic or is Lauren going crazy? I can't tell you, because I'm not a spoiler kind of reviewer, but I can tell you that mixing psychological themes with folktale/fairytale elements resulted in an absolutely horrifically magical book!

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