Right up my ally!!!!!

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Oh MY GOSH!!! Please send me this book 😳😳🤭🤭😬😬🤤🤤 I’m drooling!

Thrillers are my EVERYTHING; my babies! Just take a look at my Goodreads....you will see heaps and mounds of them in my favorites folder! I simply can’t stop reading twists and turns and being left with my mouth agape in shock!! But...I must admit it’s been a little while since one has really grabbed me and I’m soooo ready!!!

Did you say CREATURES!!?? Stop...I can’t even!!! Has this ever been done before...because this storyline doesn’t seem at all like ANY other thriller book to me!! I MUST have it!

Is Lauren crazy? I sure hope not because if she isn’t, we are in for one wild ride!!