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Writing Flowed!

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This book is just ok, nothing over the top. Author Smucker is a good writer but the content was just not for me. I didn't like the back and forth of the book (present to past memories). The main character goes between present and past which confused me sometimes. Also the author tries to tie elements into the book that are confusing?

I didn't care for the religion elements (I ended up skipping some Bible stories), however, the writing is very flowing. I really liked the descriptions of things especially in present day. That is what kept me reading before I know it I had read 100 pages.

Overall, nothing stuck with me. A forgettable read that was not boring but was lacking for me. I just didn't feel any character. I needed to be invested somehow, I never got there. This book is going to be a bit or miss for most in my opinion, either you love it or you just ok. I don't think this is a bad book just not for me.