Heartwrenching read, full of loss and love!

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I was pulled into this story because of the cover. It was eye catching and beautiful, the title also caught my eye as well. I did enjoy this book, but not as much as I was hoping. It was a slow read at times but built up to a great ending.

“There is evil in this world,” she continued. “Did you know that, Cohen? There is evil, and most people live their lives content to ignore it. But someone has to do something. Someone has to stop it.”

Light from Distant Stars follows Cohen the main character battling his past and the nightmares that go with it. His father is dying, and he can’t help but think he is the one who killed him. It flashes from the present back to the past multiple times. I thought learning about Cohen’s past was really helpful and captivating at times, it really shined a light on why Cohen is the way he is. Cohen grew up knowing his parents had high expectations for him and for his sister. His father was a preacher and Cohen always seemed to not be good enough.

Throughout this heart wrenching story, a story of love and loss, we see the good in people and the evil. Although, this didn’t pull at my heart strings as much as I thought it would, it is still a well written book. I really enjoyed the ending and I think it pulled everything together and caught me off guard!