Emotional but great!

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When Cohen Marah steps over the body of his dead father on a cold spring morning, he steps into a labyrinth of memory. In the week that follows, he must confront his traumatic past, a violent present, and the most frightening question of all-did he kill his father?

This read reminds me of many troubles of my past! It was very emotional and I honestly did cry through some of it! I put it down a good few times because I got a bit to emotional not that it was a bad book but because I can't cope with emotional stress lol!

It was such a beautiful read, very inspiring and Cohen is my ultimate fave character of this book!

I hope others who have read this see what I mean about being emotional, the cover is beautiful stars and space I think every book should have this type of design It makes books look and feel more comforting in my opinion! The author is amazing and I love how well she writes! I hope I get to read others of her books as I did enjoy this one hopefully next time not so emotional hehe!