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I get books from many different places, which means I can get some very different books, books that I might not buy for myself. This is one of those books. It's a slim volume, compared to some books, but it shouldn't be judged by its size.
I'm going to start this with the statement: I'm not the intended audience of this book. I'm an old, white woman. I listened to music during the 60s, the 70, the 80, dripping out of popular music in favor of jazz in he 90s. I've listened to some hip-hop but when the harder gangster rap came out, I left. I've only heard of one of the artists in this book.
The book makes it easy to read. In fact, I'd call it a fast read. That doesn't mean it's an easy read. Its intent and purpose is to tell its intended audience life is basically good and worth living. Each of the artists has a point to make, using their life experience to make it. As is usual with these sorts of compilations, the artists quotes are surrounded by commentary by the author, who interviewed the artists. Each artist gets 2 pages per idea. Easy to read but long to think about.
Like I said, I'm not part of the intended audience for this book. I liked it. I found some value in some of the stories. I would suggest you get a copy and wrap it up as a holiday/graduation gift for your favorite young person.
I received the copy of the book I read for this review from the publisher through a website contest.