Gift-style book.

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This is a square-ish 7" x 8" hardcover, nicely produced, so the format is definitely designed as something you'd give to your hip-hop-loving kid as a gift.

There are 50 reflections in the book, but fewer than 50 hip-hop stars, because some of them have more than 1 reflection in the book. There's a table of contents, and an index, including stars the hip-hop stars find inspirational, but no separate list of the book's hip-hop stars, and I don't want to count and tabulate exactly how many stars there are. But there do seem to be exactly 50 reflections.

The book also has a page with mental-health resources, so people who share some of the concerns as the stars, or who have gone through some of the same experiences, can find support.

Obviously, the whole point of the book is to give inspiration and insight to help with creativity and motivation. It seems like a book that would most probably be directed at kids, perhaps ones who are middle-school age.

I personally have only definitely heard of two of the stars previously, Pharrell Williams and Wiz Khalifa, and I might have heard of Nipsey Hussle before. The reflections seem to be about being respectful and having self-belief.