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This book has a lot of potential entry points that will make it appeal to very different audiences. If you're a huge hip-hop fan but not a big reader, the compact, to-the-point, 2-page spreads will make it easy to bounce around to your favorite artists. If you're a huge reader but don't know much about hip-hop, this gives you a way to easily learn a little bit from a large number of artists, and maybe find a few that you want to dive deeper into their work. If you're a big reader and a fan of hip-hop, then say no more, this is the book for you. The artists represented here offer so many unique perspectives, and are wildly different from each other even under the larger "umbrella" of hip-hop, but the author has deftly distilled each section down into a key focus, which brings organization and intention to the book rather than simply being a chaotic collection of thoughts. The layout and artwork feel fresh and modern, and elevate the artists' words as well as the stories behind their music.