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Started slow but really picked up!

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I had some trouble at the beginning of this book. I hadn’t gotten too far in before putting it down because I found it going so slow. I really considered dnf-ing this book but I’m always reluctant to do so. I eventually picked it back up and this book ended up proving the exact reason why I hate doing so, because while it started slow it quickly picked up and threw me for the biggest loop ever and I ended up really enjoying this book.

This book follows a couple of different perspectives. You have Gabe, a teenage boy living in Austin, Texas. He’s been having problems with his girlfriend and starts getting close to the new girl at school, Catherine, who happens to be the girl who stopped and called 911 earlier in the summer when he got hit by a car. This book also follows Elyse, a teenage girl from Portland, Oregon. She just got cast as the lead in her school play of Romeo and Juliet and is dealing with a friend who she believes is jealous and a mom who is never around. So she’s a teenager who is stuck having the responsibilities of an adult and it is partially because of this that she finds herself drawn to someone she shouldn’t be. Now in both of these stories there are examples of abusive relationships, but these relationships are in no way romanticized.

When the book started to pick up I was hooked and unable to put the book down and I in no way saw the twist coming. I thought this book was going to be more of a romance going into it but above all else this book is a thriller and thrill me it did. I started feeling really connected to these characters. When Gabe was going through his issues with Sasha, I really felt frustrated with him. No matter what he said nobody would believe him and I could feel his anger radiating from the page. I knew these stories had to connect at some point and I just couldn’t figure out how. I feel like I should’ve figured it out before I did but I just didn’t see it coming. I mean the end of this book…wow…just wow!!

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars, although I did really enjoy this book I feel like I had to knock it down a star for the slow start.