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Elyse is given the lead in her Portland High School’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Brynn, her best friend, is ALWAYS the star. Elyse is a quiet girl with a addict for a mother. She’s thrilled when someone takes an interest in her but they have to keep their relationship secret because of the circumstances. Elyse ends up leaving with this person as people are starting to talk. But things aren’t as wonderful as she imagined them to be.
They end up in Austin. Elyse, now Catherine, sneaks out of the house one night, which she is forbidden to do, and ends up helping a young man, Gabe, after he’s hit by a car. Gabe has no idea who helped him until he sees her at school one day. Gabe has a girlfriend, Sasha, that is just nuts. He takes an interest in Catherine and things go really bad. Things are not as they seem.
I enjoyed this read. It tackles some tough topics for teenagers. I liked the ending but life doesn’t always end up in a neat package with a bow. That’s really the only thing that bothered me. I think the author should have gone a bit more into the repercussions to Elyse’s psyche.