Wilbur Smith postwar story.

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This time the historical period is post-World War II, and Wilbur Smith (and David Churchill) are bringing in characters and settings that involve both Europe as well as one of Smith's favorites, colonial Africa.

My feeling is that all books must have characters with names like "Saffron," "Gerhard," and "Sir Percival," and this book certainly satisfies on that account. Characters "graciously" do things, and have "world-weary" sighs, so that, too, is a plus.

Spy stories and dangerous games of international intrigue seem to be Smith's speciality, so you definitely get that here, and the story will provide you with painless light reading.

In a world where bad people seem to have made such a resurgence, thanks largely to you-know-who, it's nice to have a read where people know that, gee, Nazis are bad and Nazism and fascism are bad. Who knew??