Saffron is so cool!

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This book was chockfull of thrilling adventures of Saffron Courtney and her family. I must say that I really liked Saffron (and her husband Gerhard) because she is well able to hold her own against the evils of the world she lives in. I was on tenterhooks when they went after Gerhard's evil brother Konrad, a previous official of the Nazi regime who had absconded after the fall of Germany with much gold and valuable possessions. Saffron and her family are such good people at standing up for others, like they do with the Kenyans in their area.

Besides going after Konrad, the rest of the book was tense as the Courtney's also dealt with the Mau Mau which had risen up in Kenya to push all the foreigners out of their country. There is a lot of violence and some of it is pretty graphic but if you have read other books by Wilbur Smith, you know this is the norm. I have read a few of his books now and I have enjoyed them much more than I thought I would. This one is my favorite though because I really like Saffron Courtney!