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Sooo I didn't realize this was part of a series, so in the very beginning there was a lot of names I felt I should know but were really hard to keep track of, once I got a couple chapters in it all started falling into place and made more sense to me. It was great to read as a stand alone after that and i'm sure it would be interesting to read the others in the series to hear more of the characters story before this part took place. I think the cover has great colors and is eye catching it ties in well to the storyline. Saffron and Gerhard were both in the war and are now living on her fathers land in Africa. This story had two different things carrying on at once it takes place after World War Two and has aftermath from that with Gerhard's brother Konrad but also the rebel uprising in Kenya. The two different parts tie in together wonderfully and the last hundred pages or so I was unable to put down the book. Was an excellent end to a great book. Look forward to reading others!