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With the war in Europe over, Saffron Courtney Meerbach is finally reunited with her husband Gerhard. As they gather with friends, glasses are raised in a toast to peace. Theirs is not a lasting peace, however. Gerhard’s brother was a Nazi general responsible for his internment in a concentration camp. Konrad survived the war and is in hiding, but his hatred for Saffron and Gerhard will bring him back into their lives.

Back in Kenya, members of the Kikuyu tribe who served with the King’s African Rifles in Ethiopia and Burma have returned to a land where the they have no jobs or human rights. Resentment is growing, leading to the Mau Mau uprising. Saffron’s father, Leon Courtney, is one of the wealthiest landowners. While many of the British colonials see the natives as inferior, Courtney abhors their actions and foresees the troubles to come. He is a friend and blood brother to Manyoro, a chief of the Maasai, and has pushed for reforms to improve relations.

Wilbur Smith is joined by co-author David Churchill and they have written a story that is sometimes brutal but carries on the Courtney series with strong characters. Saffron is a former member of the SOE, while Gerhard was a distinguished pilot in the luftwaffe before turning against Hitler. Benjamin, Manyoro’s son, and Wangari Ndiri met while studying in London. While he is a Maasai, she is a member of the Kikuyu tribe and their engagement has met with opposition from both families. As a doctor and lawyer, their hope is to work toward a united Africa rather than tribal divisions and see an end to British rule in Kenya.

While the authors provide enough background to familiarize the reader with the Courtney family, reading the prior books in the series is an experience to savor. The books are rich in history and adventure. There are some areas where the story slows for a bit, but fans of Wilbur Smith will be more than satisfied with Legacy of War and it is recommended for historical fiction fans. I would like to thank BookishFirst for providing this book for my review.