Chapter 19 of the Courtney Saga

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Here is the latest chapter in the saga of the Courtney family. World War II is over. Saffron and her husband Gerhard plan to return to Kenya after they deal with selling Gerhard's family estate and business. The only complication with that is Konrad, Gerhard's older brother and Nazi criminal. He's in hiding, plotting Gerhard's death.
During this time period. Kenya is trying to gain it's independence from Great Britain. Leon Courtney has a great estate there. He has been a good landowner, providing land for his tenants that they could own. The other English thought Leon was crazy. His good works didn't keep the Mau Mau's from trying to kill him and his household like they did other English planters.
The major war was over, but there is still a lot of fighting in this book. As we know, Kenya gained it's freedom from colonial rule. As we might expect, the Konrad problem was solved. We can now wait for the next chapter.
I received the copy of the book I read for this review from BookishFirst.