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This book was an immense and condensed consolidation of really clear cut steps of how to learn, practice and master a craft, whether it's a sport, art, etc. This book was really well done; it's so concise and doesn't have any fluff to it, but it really broadened my views of learning and mastering things. I didn't realize how much work and effort goes into these pursuits beyond what you know, common sense wise, goes into it. So much of it is mental and you really have to focus on the bigger picture, not wins or losses, which I think gets lost on so many people. My sister's softball team was always so focused on winning, and it really affected the players negatively and it was often hard to get them motivated to come back the next day and try again. This book opened my eyes to this fact and confirmed my thoughts about it. The writing was clean and precise, and I enjoyed the added quotes that truly added another level of cementing down what the author was trying to get across. So well done and enjoyable!