Extremely Readable and Helpful Nonfiction

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Thank you so much to Bookish First and Kodawari Press for the PDF copy of Learn, Improve, Master by Nick Velasquez.

I honestly wish I had this book back in nursing school when I was absolutely certain I could never learn the five thousand and twelve new skills I needed to. Just watching videos and practicing with no context never really did it for me and I ended up learning so much on-the-go once I started.

After he explains a bit of low-key brain science and talks about the physiology of learning, Velasquez goes on to describe types of learning, repetition, purposeful learning, and mastery. I think 5 years into my skill set now I can relate to many points made, including how purposeful learning and buddy-skills and critique are all so important. I also liked the 10,000 hours vs quality of practice and repetition chapters on how mastery is achieved.

Nonfiction is hard sometimes but Learn, Improve, Master is extremely readable with many quotes and examples from masters in various fields as well as his own personal examples. There isn't any scientific jargon that lay-people will struggle with.

I would totally recommend this to anyone interested in new learning techniques, as well as how our brains work in regard to these things!