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Return with us to San Francisco, circa 1950. It isn't the city that is home to multitudes of gay men and lesbians that we know today. Then, it was illegal to be homosexual. If you were and others found out, you would lose your job. You could even be killed. It was not a safe time to be different.
This book is a murder mystery as well as a social commentary. The mystery is the usual family murder. Originally classified as an accident, a private detective is brought in by a family member who doesn't believe the official determination. Of course, that family member is correct. It was a murder most foul. The detective proved the crime and the criminal.
But here is where the social commentary comes in. The family is entirely made up of gay men and lesbians. Even the servants follow that path. The detective once worked on the San Francisco police force, until he was caught in a gay bar raid. They are free about who they are within the confines of the estate they live in. Outside of there, they hide and outwardly conform to societal norms. I hound the contrast in their behavior very compelling.
Like I said, the mystery itself is very nicely put together. I didn't solve it until the great reveal. The description of 1950 America felt real and scary, considering some in our world today would like to return us to those days. I enjoyed the book. I think you might find it educational as well.
I received the copy of the book I read for this review from the publisher via a website contest.