True Crime: The Last Call Killer

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I was lucky to be picked as a BookishFirst winner of an ARC of "Last Call"! :)

So I kinda more recently started getting into true crime here and there... A docu-series here, a YouTube video there... and before I knew it I was watching a TON of true crime. It struck me that while I was engrossed in this type of genre, I wasn't really reading much of it.

After reading the First Look at this work on true crime, I became intrigued and had to learn more!

***semi-spoilers below***

This was a great work of true crime about "The Last Call Killer", a [technically serial] killer whom sought out his victims at bars and clubs in queer New York in the 1990s.

What I liked most about the way the book was written [but I admit hesitant initially] was its slow build. The chapters outline the killings and evidence on a timeline as things played out in reality. The first chapter introduces us to "John Doe", or victim #1 as it were.

As the book continues on, we get more chapters that detail the killings and evidence of the killer's next victims. There are some very cool maps throughout that depict where the victims had been found. This was a great touch in my opinion - it gave more of a realistic measure of the distance / how the killer spaced out his victims' body parts. [Creepy, but really adds to the overall realism and detail]

At the final several chapters, it got VERY interesting - all the pieces were slowly coming together in finding out who the "Last Call Killer" was. It is kept a secret until the conclusion of the novel, which I liked.

Overall, this was a solid [and VERY well researched] true crime detailing the victims' lives as well. It was well done and thoroughly investigated from multiple experts and various viewpoints, whom are noted and sited at the end.

Would highly recommend to any true crime fan!