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First all, I want to say that I do enjoy a good true crime book and this one did not disappoint in that regard. The author really did a lot of research and gave us a very detailed description of the victims' stories and lives and I felt it was important in helping me to connect with the victims. It is obvious that he took the time to speak to the families of the victim. I will admit that I did lose interest in parts of the story and although I do think that the history of the victims is important, I felt that there was too much detail about the victims and the bars and landmarks in New York.

It truly broke my heart to read about how gay men were treated during the eighties and nineties. Because of the victims' sexual orientation their murders weren't looked into and the killer continued to murder more gay men. It's a shame that we didn't hear about these murders until 2021, but I am so glad that Elon Green took the time to do the research and bring to light these horrific crimes and the victims behind them.