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I really enjoyed this true crime book! Although I thought it started a bit slow, the author does a great job of explaining how things were back in the 1990s when the murders occurred. He talks about what homosexuality in NYC looked like back then and discusses the AID/HIV epidemic. The author also does a good job giving very detailed background information regarding the different cities or towns that the bodies are found in and all the locations that are relevant to the cases. The victims lives are also very detailed, which was in my opinion, a great thing. Most true crime books focus on the killer, for obvious reasons, but this book really wants readers to know the victims, to know about their lives before they crossed paths with the Last Call Killer and what their future goals may have been. Although it started slow, the book picked up about halfway through when more information is discovered about the killer. From there, I sped through to see how things would come tougher and to find out how this case ends.
I really enjoyed this book so anyone who love true crime, this one is for you!
Thank you so much to @celadonbooks, @bookishfirst and @netgalley for both my physical and digital advanced reading copies!