Meticulously Researched True Crime

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Last Call is a true crime book about a killer who targeted gay men in New York City. He was known, (perhaps obviously, from the title), as the "Last Call Killer". In this book, Elon Green showcases his meticulous research in a novel-esque presentation of the killer and his crimes. Green not only clearly narrates the fear that the "Last Call Killer" evoked at the time, but also the contextual confusion and tension that gay men experienced in the 80s and 90s. At the height of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, during a time when the government was largely ignoring the plight of the gay community, and also at a time when murder rates in New York were already high, these crimes were largely ignored. Green brings to light what should have been heavily publicized at the time.

Unfortunately, I found the tone of the book, as well as the characterization of the victims to be a bit lacking. That being said, it didn't fully take away from my enjoyment of the book - only made it a bit less memorable in the full scope of true crime works.