Interesting true crime

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I don't read a lot of True Crime, and this was a case previously had never heard of. In cases such as the Last Call Killer, one thing I always find especially interesting is seeing how the clues eventually start to come together, or in this particular example, how technology sometimes adapts to allow more things to come to light.

One of the central ideas of this book (in my opinion, based on the synopsis) was how and why this case has continued to be overlooked. I thought this was a unique angle to a true crime book, and was looking forward to that being explored; unfortunately, I didn't think there was as much about that aspect as I would have liked - it was largely kept to one chapter and a few moments in other chapters. I thought more could have been done to tie all of those elements together.

I also found there to be some elements of the narrative that weren't necessary to be included, and some of the organization of the narrative didn't work for me. However, like I said, I don't read a lot of true crime, so I could be in the minority on this. If you're a fan of this genre I would definitely suggest checking it out because you may get something different out of it than I did.

Thanks to the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.