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This True Crime book goes over the details of the Last Call killer. The one who targeted gay men in New York in the 80’s and 90’s. I really enjoyed, that each person who was murdered, was given their own chapter. It’s really nice how detailed the writing is, one chapter even went into what the person was quoted in their yearbook. The reader truly gets to view each person as who they truly were, not just as the “victims”.

There’s a quote on the first page that sticks out so well and pulls you in. “It looked like a loaf of bread.’ He says. ‘But then I saw freckles.”It’s one of the most eeriest things I’ve read.

This is a case that is rarely spoken of or even well known. The author did a great deal of thorough research and it shows. I also really enjoyed the maps at the beginning of each new chapter. It helped being able to see the location of where each person’s remains were found. The last map showing all of them was very interesting to see. I liked reading this book.