Heartbreaking but Important Piece of History

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Last Call is the perfect blend of true crime and social science, providing an intimate look at a community on the outskirts of mainstream, when being gay and AIDS were too often considered synonymous.

Unlike most true crime, this book doesn't focus solely, or even mostly, on the killer. First we meet each of the known victims. We step into their lives, witness their struggles, visit the NYC clubs, and emotionally connect to them as humans, rather than simply gay victims.

We then meet the killer who managed to elude detectives and blend into society over the years. And, of course, we meet those detectives as we follow an investigation that would've been so different had the victims been pretty young blondes from wealthy communities.

Last Call shows us what happens when a particular group—whether LGBTQ, prostitutes, runaways, etc.—is marginalized within society, pushing them into the outskirts and placing them at higher risk. It's well written, respectful, thought-provoking, and sad.