Heart breaking

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This book was a terrifying story of murder in New York. The worst part is that it is a true story. I could not believe that this really happened in our world. In the 1980s and 1990s, the Last Call Killer targeted gay men in New York, mostly in bars. Due to who the victims were, no one took the case seriously at the time. It took far too long for justice to be served. The fact that the killer was overlooked for so long makes me worried about what else goes on in the world that gets swept under the rug.

I am glad that the author took the time to research this topic and share it with the world. You can tell he took a lot of effort in his work and and he truly cared about the topic. We are in a time where true crime is very popular, so it was a perfect time to share this story. I was also glad to hear that due to a breakthrough in fingerprint technology, the killer was eventually identified.