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Gripping True Crime

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Last Call is a true crime novel of a notorious serial killer that stalked the gay bars of New York and how he lured men with his charms into a deadly end. The story occurs during the '90s, at a time where the climate towards gay men was hostile. Because of that, the investigations into the grisly murders stalled until breakthrough fingerprint technology emerges. It is with that new technology that the Last Call Killer is finally identified and brought to justice.

The Last Call is a gripping tale about the seemingly endless hunt for the Last Call Killer during a time of the AIDS epidemic and how that epidemic played into the stagnant and lackadaisical attitude of the people charged with investigating the crimes.

Elon Green has done a superb job in his research as evidenced by the copious amount of notes at the back of the book. Green has crafted an outstanding true crime story that is not only intense but shockingly real. A must read for true crime fans. Five stars.

I received a physical ARC from Celadon Books through the Bookish First raffle. The review herein is completely my own and contains my honest thoughts and opinions.