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The gay community in New York, during the ‘80s and ‘90s, was unfortunately preyed upon by two killers: the AIDS epidemic and a serial killer targeting men based upon their sexual preference. Sadly, these innocent victims of a serial killer have been largely forgotten, possibly due to the very things that made them a target to begin with. Thankfully some refused to give up and spent decades searching for the individual who would be eventually known as the Last Call Killer.

Last Call is a well researched true-crime novel that I found enjoyable and informative. I honestly went into this book wanting certain things out of it, and while I did not get what I wanted when I began, what I did get I greatly enjoyed. Green includes a good mix of information about the victims and their lives, the actual crimes and aftermath, and the investigations and insights into them; the variety made this gripping novel more intriguing and interesting. Green treats the victims with respect and doesn’t sensationalize the violence perpetrated against them, but he doesn’t gloss over them either. It flows really well and doesn’t overwhelm the reader with technical information or terms; it is a well-balanced true-crime novel.

I highly recommend Last Call; if you like novels about crimes that have rocked the communities in which they occur and the investigation of them, check out Last Call.