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I am a fan of true crime. I enjoy listening to true crime podcasts, watching tv specials, and reading true crime books. I had heard about this case during listening to one of my podcasts and it is such a heartbreaking, awful story.

I am glad that the author took the time to do research and speak to the families of the victims. The really sad part about the case is that the victims were gay men and as such, they were marginalized and the cases were not handled as well as they should have been.

This book gave a view of what it was like for these men to live in these times, centering around the AIDs epidemic and being targeted for just trying to be themselves. The author gave them a voice in this book that they had not otherwise gotten.

I feel the author did a good job telling the story. It was well researched, gave a good background to make you really feel like you were right there with them as it happened.

I recommend this book to all true crime fans.