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During the '80s and '90s, gay men were found killed and dismembered in New York.

Elon Green chronicles the deaths of several gay men and the unsub who stalked the gay bars in Last Call. These cases didn't garner the attention of other serial death: homosexuality was ignored as people became more entangled in the AIDS epidemic fear. These poor souls weren't treated with the importance they persevered and the New York Ant-Violence Project becomes a driving force to see they are given their justice

I had no trouble getting into this book. The writing is not stiff and boring. Green creates clear pictures of the places and includes dialogue to break up the mass amount of information. This is like a story more than a documentary which makes it even more engaging.

I really like that Green spends the most amount of time discussing the killings and who these men were. Of course, there is discussion about the unsub, but Green makes sure that people focus on these men more than making a serial killer famous. The story is sensational enough without banding about a name for a psychopathic killer. (The book description, though, focuses on the killer which I blame on the publisher/editor instead of the author.)

Last Call: A True Story of Love, Lust, and Murder in Queer New York paints a picture of the needless gay fear, disturbing murders, and how police and law changed to deal with homosexual murders and assaults. This is a great story for the true-crime crew or those interested in the LTBQ+ history.