Good book!

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This book and story was definitely out of my comfort zone. However, I knew I wanted to give it a try when it mentioned New York and queer.

I really enjoyed how this story discussed the truth behind being queer and I absolutely loved the thrill behind it. I think the author did a fantastic job with providing as much detail as possible and adding so much suspense that I couldn’t put it down. I really did fly through this and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Unfortunately, there were times when I felt like I wanted to stop where it was because I wasn’t enjoyed the shift of change. I didn’t really like that ending and some characters were a bit too much.

I think the addition of New York I’m this story was definitely a great touch to the story as a whole. I really felt attached to this and the way it did a great job to get the story across to the readers. It was a good and fun read!!